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What I wanted to say to Hillary Clinton

  By Kathy Groob, Consultant, Founder ElectWomen – In the final days before the Kentucky Primary Election, Hillary Clinton visited my hometown and I had the opportunity to see her and speak to her for the third time.  With only a moment to chat, I wanted my comments to be encouraging and meaningful.   I… Continue Reading

Ohio State Rep Candidate, Jill Miller Zimon Endorsed by Cleveland Plain Dealer

 Zimon Called Smart, Engaged and Energetic  Cleveland, Ohio:  The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio’s largest newspaper today endorsed Jill Miller Zimon for State Representative in Ohio’s 12th District.  In endorsing Zimon against incumbant John Barnes, the Plain Dealer said, “Zimon is the better candidate, though. She is aware of the issues, passionate about her concerns and… Continue Reading

When Bernie Sanders Ran Against Me in Vermont

By Former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin Hillary Clinton is not the first progressive Democratic woman to be challenged by Bernie Sanders. He ran against me in 1986 when I was running for my second term as governor of Vermont. At that time he had little affinity for the Democratic Party. When advised that his third-party… Continue Reading

Businesswomen need to engage to elect a woman president

By Kathy Groob, founder ElectWomen – It happened again last week–another country that is considered less progressive for women than The United States, elected its first woman president. Congratulations women of Taiwan; you just took a huge step forward in terms of equality for women. Americans have a chance this year to elect a high… Continue Reading

What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Means for Women

By Kathy Groob, Founder ElectWomen Every time I hear a woman say we shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, I cringe.  I cringe because nobody is saying anything about the gender of the men candidates. The male presidential candidates do not endure double standards, sexist remarks or the higher standards in which… Continue Reading

Great Advice for Women Candidates

Memo to Women Candidates from Debate Coach Chris Jahnke Posted on October 12, 2015 by Christine Jahnke Debate Prep Part I: Write Your Playbook Now Women candidates running for executive posts in 2016 should watch and learn from the first Democratic primary debate. What candidates see and hear from the presidential contenders can jump start their… Continue Reading

Nashville’s Mayor-Elect Finds Path Between Liberalism and Commerce – The New York Times

NASHVILLE — In her acceptance speech on Thursday, Mayor-elect Megan Barry, a candidate characterized as a purveyor of “extreme” leftist views in a bruising runoff here, mentioned the various residents who would write the next chapter for this fast-growing Southern city. In a notably nonextreme move, she spoke first of the city’s business community.“They need… Continue Reading

Melissa Gilbert to Run for Congress

The child star of Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert, has announced she will run for congress in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. Gilbert, 51,  announced today that she is a Democratic candidate for the seat. This will be her first run for public office.  Read more here: Follow Melissa on Twitter:   Continue Reading