Pink Politics Table of Contents

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Part I: A Life-Changing Decision

Chapter 1: My Story

Chapter 2: Friends and Family
Garnering support from your family and closest friends
Having the family talk
How to recruit and organize volunteers
Committees and structure
The role of the spouse

Chapter 3: Personal Financial Impact
Know election laws
Take a personal inventory
Know campaign finance laws
How much will it cost?
Getting on the ballot
Budgeting for the little extras
Personal sacrifice

Chapter 4: Work/Life/Campaign Balance
Realistically assessing time requirements
Typical day and sample schedule
Creating balance and making it work

Part II: Going For It

Chapter 5: Choosing The Right Office
Finding the right office for you
Which office suits you?
Appointments and special elections; help or harm?
Public service

Chapter 6 Getting Started
Do not spend your money early
Make the rounds; build your network
Evaluating skeletons in your closet
Opposition research
Making your announcement
Securing commitments
Early strategy

Chapter 7: Running Your Campaign
Treasurer and compliance first
Staff vs. consultants
Learning to delegate
Key people you need
Fees and costs
The role of volunteers

Chapter 8: Raising Money
Get training and help
Avoid the pitfalls; don’t be a coward
Fundraising plan and budget
Finding donors and building a list
Finance committee
Fundraising tactics
Call time and using a script
Finance reports as deadlines
Saying thank you

Chapter 9: Effective Messaging
Steps to creating a good message
Negative messaging
Where to spend your messaging dollars
Great slogans

Part III: Secrets to Winning

Chapter 10: Outwork Your Opponent
Working smart
Attending events
Creating a buzz
Strategy for talking to voters
The little things
Personal notes
Last minute persuasion

Chapter 11: Grow a Thick Skin
Courage and strength
Becoming prepared for the negative
Campaign tricks and bullies
Keep your guard up
Drinking alcohol
E-media and bloggers
Media bias against women

Chapter 12: Give Them Something to Talk About
Recognize your strength
Look and act the part
Enthusiasm is contagious
Tell your story
Your image and brand

Part IV: Resources For Women Candidates

Organization websites
Candidate resources