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SlutWalks and the future of feminism

By Jessica Valenti for The Washington Post – More than 40 years after feminists tossed their bras and high heels into a trash can at the 1968 Miss America pageant — kicking off the bra-burning myth that will never die — some young women are taking to the streets to protest sexual assault, wearing not… Continue Reading

Katie Couric Moves On

by Gail Collins, New York Times – And as the sun sinks in the west, we bid adieu to Katie Couric, First Woman Anchor. “It feels good,” Couric said of her post-CBS freedom in a phone interview. “But I’m sort of a serious working girl, so I’ll be happy when I figure out my next move.”… Continue Reading

Women 2012: Campaign sideshows

By Dee Dee Myers for Politico – It might be too soon to say she’s over — hers is still a powerful brand. And she still looks great wearing 4-inch heels and carrying an otter purse (both part of her ensemble at a dinner with journalists). But no one really thinks she’ll be president. Last… Continue Reading

How Feminism Rescued the Housewife from the 1950’s

by Stephanie Coontz for the New York Times – ONE of the most enduring myths about feminism is that 50 years ago women who stayed home full time with their children enjoyed higher social status and more satisfying lives than they do today. All this changed, the story goes, when Betty Friedan published her 1963… Continue Reading

The New Anti-Abortion Math

Gail Collins, New York Times – One of my favorite stories about the Texas State Legislature involves the time Senator Wendy Davis was trying to ask a colleague, Troy Fraser, some questions about a pending bill. Fraser deflected by saying, “I have trouble hearing women’s voices.” Really, she was standing right there on the floor.… Continue Reading

Do Women Support Other Women Candidates?

Op-Ed by Dolores Reed – Early in the year of 1980, as President of the local Women’s Democratic Club, I attended a meeting of the National Women’s Democratic Club. Women from out West had always impressed me with their advancement and leadership, real leadership roles, in party activities.  I was encouraged to seek the local Congressional Seat.  While… Continue Reading

Did Women Start the Libyan War?

Op-Ed by Maureen Dowd, The New York Times – They are called the Amazon Warriors, the Lady Hawks, the Valkyries, the Durgas. There is something positively mythological about a group of strong women swooping down to shake the president out of his delicate sensibilities and show him the way to war. And there is something… Continue Reading