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Is Social Media’s Importance in Politics Overblown?

by Noah Rothman,Campaigns & Elections Magazine – A story published yesterday on Politico quoted a number of sources questioning whether the amount of time that campaigns and Capitol Hill staffers spend monitoring communications through social media is worth it. Keeping up with messages that arrive online via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms poses… Continue Reading

Raising PAC Money

by Joe Garecht for Winning Campaigns – Soliciting donations from political action committees (PACs) is fundamentally different than raising money from individuals.  PAC contributions are harder to get and take more work, especially for the local campaign.  PAC managers are political professionals, and demand much more information from the campaign than the average individual donor. … Continue Reading

On Money and Politics

by Governor Ed Rendell From Campaigns & Elections Magazine Since I left office as mayor of Philadelphia, I have taught a course at my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. The course is “Political Science – the Science of Getting Elected.” A staple for my course material has always been case studies from issues of… Continue Reading

The Money Game: Too Much or Too Little

Women candidates and money: Another double standard? by Lauren Martin, Women’s Campaign Forum A woman can either be a prude or promiscuous. Too pretty or too masculine. A shrew or a doormat. As women try to tip-toe somewhere in the middle, we find that one small move can send us plunging straight into one of… Continue Reading

Developing A Fundraising Donor Plan – In a Close Race or During Economic Hard Times, Every Donor Must be Cultivated

By Kathy Groob There are several well-tested theories and strategies for political campaign fundraising, and books and articles to guide the way.  But every successful campaign begins with a finance plan and that plan begins with donor targets.  An early candidate exercise is to indentify potential donor “circles” or target groups such as: ·      Friends… Continue Reading

How To Prepare For Fundraising Events

Well, that time of the year is upon us once again. People from all walks of life start to band together in pursuit of one common goal, to get their favorite candidate elected come November, and that means it’s political fundraising time. Yes, election season is just about to arrive, meaning that we can now… Continue Reading

Fundraising Tips: First Fundraising Letter

      The First Fundraising Letter in a Campaign (Or how to start your campaign with a successful fundraising effort) By Steve Grubbs Raising money for a campaign is not a guarantee of victory, but it can go a long way toward that end. Frequently local and legislative candidates assume that it is more difficult… Continue Reading

Fundraising Strategies for Women Candidates

IKNOW Politics, the international knowledge network for women political candidates says female candidates should remember that a key constituency for fundraising are women donors.  The key to success is mobilizing them and keeping them inspired to help raise funds.  To read more suggestions that cross international borders visit: Continue Reading