Stacey Abrams could become the nation’s first African American woman governor

May 23, 2018

ATLANTA (AP) — Stacey Abrams won Georgia’s Democratic primary in the gubernatorial race Tuesday, becoming the state’s first woman nominee for governor from either major party.

If the former state House minority leader wins the general election in November, she’ll become the first black woman governor in the U.S.

Abrams got a last-minute boost with an endorsement — in the form of a 60-second robo-call — from Hillary Clinton.

In the ballroom of a downtown Atlanta hotel, Abrams supporters trickled in to a soundtrack of R&B and hip hop songs.

Two young women — one black and one white and both wearing shirts reading “Elect Black Women” — huddled over a table talking and laughing as Rihanna’s “Diamonds” played in the background. People mingled and sipped drinks as a slideshow of images of Abrams and a diverse collection of supporters played on two large screens in the front of the room.