Five Reasons Hillary Clinton is the Most Qualified Presidential Candidate

April 12, 2015

By Kathy Groob, ElectWomen –  As a supporter of women in politics, I passionately work to create a level playing field for women to succeed as leaders and in the political arena. For those reasons, many people assume my support for Hillary Clinton for president is because she is a woman. I support Hillary Clinton because she is the most capable and qualified leader for our nation. She proved that a woman could hold the highest executive position in government eight years ago when she ran for president.

Here are the legitimate reasons that make Secretary Clinton the best choice:

1.  History of leadership, smart, analytic capabilities 
From her days at Wellesley College, to her prestigious work as an attorney, leading non-profit endeavors for families and children in Arkansas; her focus on health care, adoption and healthy families as First Lady, to her service and experience as a United States Senator and finally as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has a resume unmatched by any GOP or Democratic candidate. Great leaders emerge, and Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she is a powerful force of leadership for America.

2.  Foreign policy experience
Serving eight years as First Lady, then as a United States Senator and as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has amassed the most foreign policy experience of any other candidate, and she has relationships and respect from global leaders abroad. The crisis in the Middle East and beyond will take a pragmatic, proven leader to proceed with caution and the willingness to take action when needed. Her vote for the Iraq war was based upon information and intelligence provided to members of Congress at the time.  Our country has learned from the mistakes of that experience and the public will trust that as Commander in Chief, Hillary Clinton will proceed with a focus on diplomacy first while continuing to build and strengthen military power with a focus on veteran’s issues.

3.  Economic experience
Sometimes to the chagrin of her own party, Hillary Clinton has a track record of supporting fiscal policies that include investment along with personal responsibility. While speaking on the campaign trail for Democratic candidates in 2014, Secretary Clinton laid out a vision for economic policies that will make higher education affordable and strengthen our country’s workforce. She recognizes that the cost of education has weakened the middle class and is limiting our trained, skilled workforce, leading to a competitive disadvantage for U.S. manufacturers and businesses. Her policies will strengthen the middle class and increase America’s business competitiveness. She has relationships and the ability to build bipartisan support in Congress to advance her agenda.

4.  Global leadership on women’s issues
During her tenure as First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did not miss an opportunity speak out in counties across the globe on the state of women, women’s health and safety in war-torn countries and oppressive societies.  It will take the leader of the free world to begin to stamp out systemic rape, violence, mutilation and oppression of women around the globe.  Hillary Clinton will become the face of equality and opportunity for women and will use her position of power with countries to change the course of history for women.

5. Strength and courage–the right temperament to become president
During and following the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton demonstrated to the world that she had the strength and courage to withstand the rigors of a presidential campaign, while remaining true to her convictions and emerging with dignity and grace. Her unwavering support for President Barack Obama, and her loyal service as Secretary State following the election, revealed that she is indeed a team player; acting in the best interests not only of the Democratic Party but for the nation. She has demonstrated her compassion for those less fortunate, and her willingness to listen to the concerns of all.

Yes, I love that there is a strong, capable woman to run for president that I can support and witness history being made for our country once again.  So yes, 19 months out from the election, I support Hillary Clinton for president.