Path is Clear for President Obama to Appoint Woman as Fed Chair

September 15, 2013

Statement by Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), on Lawrence Summers Withdrawing his Name from Consideration for Chair of the Federal Reserve Board

September 15, 2013

Lawrence Summers did the right thing by withdrawing his name to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve Board, and now the way is clear for President Obama to appoint the person who is roundly considered to be the best person for the job, and that is Janet Yellen.

Our economy is at a crossroads today, with decisions to be made that will determine the economic future of women, working families, the elderly and everyone struggling in today’s economy.

The National Organization for Women has always fought for fairness, equality and justice, and these ideals must be at the core of our nation’s economic policy. We need a Federal Reserve Board chair with the vision, experience and sound judgment to defend our most deeply held values and beliefs — and that person is Janet Yellen.