Eleanor’s Legacy Committee Endorses Christine Quinn for New York Mayor

August 29, 2013

NEW YORK, NY – The Board of Directors of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Christine Quinn for Mayor of the City of New York. At a Board meeting today, the twelve-year-old organization, which supports progressive pro-choice Democratic women running for office throughout New York State, praised Quinn’s record of achievement.

In a statement issued by Executive Director Brette McSweeney, the Board extolled Christine Quinn’s years of leadership as a neighborhood advocate, a City Council member and as Speaker. She ensured passage of important laws protecting health and safety. She has protected tenants, battled slumlords, and promoted small businesses. She sponsored legislation that made campaign finance laws stronger. She has a strong record in support of civil rights and equality for all. She was a key figure in pushing successfully for a state law making kindergarten mandatory for 5-year-olds, giving thousands of poor and minority children a vital start on their educational and economic futures. As mayor, she will be a beacon to all women across the state and the nation, demonstrating that women can run our cities and serve the public at every level.

Judith Hope, founder and President of Eleanor’s Legacy, said, “Speaker Quinn’s initiative to create an all-girl tech school in each borough is truly inspired and inspiring. It has become increasingly clear to me that Chris Quinn has the potential to grow in the job and to be an outstanding leader. I am grateful to all the candidates who have been such good friends to us and the women of New York.”

Chair of the Board Harriet Cornell said, “Given the historic opportunity to elect a Mayor who has not only demonstrated the ability to lead this city as City Council Speaker, but who also is a woman holding shared values, this Board has taken the rare step of endorsing a candidate in a primary election. We believe that Christine Quinn has the capacity to listen to the varied voices of the City and the character to make things better for all who live and work here. We have confidence in her ability to lead the city forward.”

Eleanor’s Legacy is building a new generation of pro-choice Democratic women candidates, informed voters, and political activists throughout New York State. Inspired by the dynamic legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt, our mission is to expand the role of women in politics and government by getting more pro-choice Democratic women running for and winning elected office in New York. Since 2001, Eleanor’s Legacy has trained over 1,300 women candidates, given out over $1 million in campaign funding, and successfully helped elect 585 women across the state.