They’re not in binders; women are on the ballot in California.

Today, 28 Emerge California graduates are on ballots across the entire Bay Area!

While Emerge California does not endorse as an organization, we are so proud of our alumnae and value their energy and commitment to run for political office and serve as community leaders.

28 graduates of the Emerge California Democratic women candidate training program are on the ballot today in the Bay area. Below is a list of the alumnae whose names are on the ballot today.

Emerge California is changing the political landscape in California!

2012 Emerge California Alumnae Candidates:

Jennifer Ong, State Assembly, 20th AD District

Erin Hannigan, District 1 Supervisor, Solano County

Rhodesia R. Ransom, County Supervisor 5th District, San Joaquin County

Sophie Hahn, Berkeley City Council

Thea Selby, District 5 Supervisor, San Francisco

London Breed, District 5 Supervisor, San Francisco

Gladys Soto, San Francisco Board of Education

Nyeisha DeWitt, Oakland City Council

Linda Seifert, District 2 Supervisor, Solano County

Amy Bacharach, San Francisco Community College Board

Lori Wilson, Suisun City Council

Amy Miller, Dublin School Board of Education

Annette Walker, Hayward School Board of Education

Alicia Kae Herries, Petaluma City Council

Shirlee Zane, District 3 Supervisor, Sonoma County

Heidi Emberling, Palo Alto School Board

Caroline Banuelos, Santa Rosa City Council

Laurie Gallian, Sonoma City Council

Sara Lamnin, Hayward School Board of Education

Rachel Norton, San Francisco Board of Education

Rebecca Saltzman, District 3, BART Board

Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, Berkeley School Board

Desrie Campbell, Fremont Unified School Board of Education

Gina Cuclis, Sonoma County Board of Education

Monica Wilson, Antioch City Council

Wendy Ho, San Jose Evergreen Community College District

Kelly Fergusson, Menlo Park City Council

Cecilia Valdez, San Pablo City Council